Can we talk about your headaches? Are they intermittent, do you wake you with one, maybe they are just nagging, and you’ve resigned yourself to accept them as part of life. Ok, now I’m going to blow your mind, did you

Girl with a painful head on a white background

know over 95% of all headaches (tension, cluster, migraine) are muscle related, and can be treated non-invasively, and definitively by a dentist trained in the occlusion?

Meet Samantha, a patient, and professional woman plagued daily with chronic headaches. When we first met her she was on headaches meds, meds she hated, they made her groggy, bloated etc. but they stopped the pain. Following a brief chat David could tell that she bruxes (clenches and grinds her teeth), most likely the cause of her headaches. Following an evaluation, he gave her the good news, that he could treat her headaches, get her comfortable and she could throw away her meds.

Samantha today. She is happy, headache FREE, off of nasty meds, and swears she’s waking more rested now that she sleeps with the custom made bite splint David made for her. We see patients like Samantha every day (at their wits end from chronic pain), fed up with the medical model pushing their rigorous work-ups, and uncomfortable medication that fail to address the underlying issue. What seems to be a less known fact is that when you clench and grind your teeth you are firing off the temporal muscles, and this is what’s causing your headache, and why Botox is a temporary fix because it quiets muscle activity. As with any health matter, we can’t always guarantee this type of success (a small percentage of headaches are not muscle-related), however by sharing stories like Sam’s  we hope to spread the word that a specially trained dentist can cure you of your chronic headaches, get you happy and med free!!